Prime Valley Islamabad

Prime Valley Islamabad

Prime Valley Islamabad is a new housing society that was launched under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme’s administration. Its goal is to provide Pakistanis with affordable housing and the finest possible living conditions. The major goal of this residential project is to create the best living conditions for investors. Besides, as it is a part of the government housing system, it makes it a legitimate housing society. It will be a residential development with all of the world’s most luxurious amenities. The project’s developers have promised their stakeholders the best possible living. They are also searching for ways to make future residents’ lives easier by offering a suitable payment plan. Aside from that, the installment program was launched to help real estate investors increase their purchasing power.

Prime Valley Owners and Developers

The Prime Institute of Health Sciences owns Prime Valley Islamabad. This institute is well-known in Pakistan’s medical community, and its founders have a background in real estate. The society’s management has been in talks with many developers, and they will shortly finalize agreements with a few well-known developers. Prime Valley is growing under the watchful eye of government-sponsored development programs. The developers are working hard to build a spectacular housing society. They also have a team of dedicated professionals working on the master plan for this one-of-a-kind residential building. But, most crucially, the developers’ principal objective is to provide great living conditions to all investors and future inhabitants. As a result, investing in this area will result in a long-term asset.

Prime Valley NOC

The no-objection certificate (NOC) is the first document that all investors should review before investing in real estate. The developers wish to gain the confidence of the investors. Prime Valley Islamabad is a registered housing community. In April 2022, the Tehsil Municipal Authority Rawalpindi approved Prime Valley NOC under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Purchasing plots in this society is safe and secure for real estate investors. Most crucially, the housing scheme is compliant with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, making this a sound residential investment. We can conclude that investors and future inhabitants have faith in this residential society.

Prime Valley Location

Before making any real estate purchase, the location is the most important consideration for all investors. The residential scheme’s proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi makes it a viable investment option for all investors from twin cities. Prime Valley Islamabad is located on Chakri Road, near the Chakri Road Interchange.  Prime Valley Location is near the Blue World City on the Moza Sehal. Other nearby destinations include the Srinagar Highway, M2-Motorway, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and Islamabad International Airport. All of these locations make this residential community very accessible. For residents of the twin cities, investing here will be the ideal residential investment. Prime Valley Location and Map are close to the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. Blue World City, Islamabad International Airport, Capital Smart City, and Kingdom Valley are just a few of the prominent places surrounding this civilization.

Prime Valley Master Plan

Prime Valley Master Plan is in the development phase, and the management will soon make its layout design public for investors. To execute an iconic project, the management works to design the master by specialists and skilled designers. According to the information available, the community would be built on a 3000 Kanal plot of land. A variety of properties will be available for all inhabitants to achieve the highest possible living standards. The Prime Valley Plots for Sale in commercial and residential properties will be offered. The prime features outlay at very affordable rates to investors of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Residential Plots

The society offers a variety of residential plot sizes as well as several vital amenities for a pleasant lifestyle. The society offers investors low plot pricing and easy installments based on the idea of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Several residential projects give prospective inhabitants and investors the ideal living. The developers intend to give residents all of the necessities as well as luxury in a single gated community. Investment in Prime Valley Blocks will have a valuable long-term asset. The Prime Valley Payment & Installment Plan is a fair real estate choice for all investors and is a fascinating component of this real estate investment. The following land sizes are available in the residential area:

✔️ 5 Marla

✔️ 10 Marla

✔️ 1 Kanal


Prime Valley Payment Plan

This housing development offers plot pricing that is affordable to every investor. Prime Valley Owners are concentrating their efforts on the payment plan in particular. Their main goal is to give a cost-effective and affordable Prime Valley Payment & Installment Plan. Owners with a lot of experience have been able to come up with a decent and cost-effective payment plan. The Prime Valley Payment Plan is the primary reason for the low cost of plots and properties in this area. This payment plan allows real estate agents and investors to obtain houses at the most affordable costs. The Prime Valley Installment Plan was created to make money both in the long run and in the short term.

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties are a vital element of a living and progressive society, Prime Valley Islamabad also has commercial properties available to suit any investment. Because it offers reasonable prices for Prime Valley Plots for Sale, the commercials of this society are a good investment for those who want to start a new business. The developers want the residents’ economic growth to be a priority. The various plot sizes will assist investors in starting their businesses according to their preferences. The following are the sizes of commercial plots that have remained unreleased by society including properties that will be offered here:

✔️ 3 Marla

✔️ 5 Marla

✔️ 7 Marla

Prime Valley Development Status

Prime Valley Islamabad will be developed shortly to make future inhabitants and investors more comfortable. Because the project is new, proper development will begin as soon as possible. The society’s site office has been relocated, and a modest amount of machinery has been transported there to begin preliminary development work. The major boulevard road and the society’s entrance gate, for example. The Prime Valley Master Plan is also appealing, as it contains both residential and business structures. The master plan is also being designed by highly qualified architects and engineers. And they’re working tirelessly to create a spectacular real estate project. Most crucially, because the housing society is a legal real estate enterprise, construction will be completed far faster than with alternative housing schemes. All of these factors indicate that this is a long-term investment. Prime Valley Payment & Installment Plan 2022 has been made incredibly affordable and simple. This demonstrates that the proprietors are not in business for the money, but rather to create a high-quality lifestyle for their family and friends.

Why Invest in Prime Valley?

Every society has its reasons for investing. Prime Valley Islamabad is appealing for a variety of reasons. An investor can purchase his or her preferred property for a very low price. It will be constructed under the sponsorships of the Naya Pakistan Homes Society, which intends to provide low-cost housing. Because the housing society is being built near Islamabad, it is an excellent residential investment for all investors. The developers strive to provide the greatest possible lifestyle for all residents.

◼ Prime Valley Location and Map are the most appealing aspects of this home scheme.

◼ The Prime Valley Payment Plan is simple to follow, and the Prime Valley NOC has been certified, making the investment safe and secure.

◼ Prime Valley Installment Plan will assist inhabitants in the construction of their ideal homes.

◼ The Prime Valley Features and amenities accessible here will contribute to the residents’ high-quality living.

◼ The most exciting component about investing here, according to all locals, is the available facilities. Finally, for residents of the twin cities, this housing society is a potential real estate investment.

Prime Valley Plots Booking Process

When it comes to booking residential or commercial plots, you should always use the services of a reputable and licensed real estate firm. It ensures that your money is safe. The Prime Valley Islamabad can exclusively be bought through Deal & Deals (Pvt.) Ltd. Our fundamental vision is to facilitate in every way possible. We’ve simplified the booking procedure to stay loyal to our concept. To reserve your plots:

◼ Come to our Deal & Deals (Pvt.) Ltd office to meet our Sales Experts. These project managers will walk you through the project’s nuances, answer your questions, and help you choose the best solution for you. We operate from a variety of locations across the country and offer free consulting services

◼ Choose the plan that best suits your investing requirements

◼ Fill out the booking forms for Prime Valley Islamabad

◼ Fill out all of the appropriate paperwork and make a down payment. The in-charge asset manager will help you with the payment method. You can use whatever method you like.

◼ You are now the owner of your plot after paying the down payment and submitting the papers.

At the time of booking, you are required to provide the following documents:

◼ Passport size photos

◼ Photocopies of NICOP (in case you are an overseas Pakistani)

◼ Photocopies of NADRA issued CNIC

◼ All these should be attached to the booking form.

◼ You also have to submit the down payment when you are submitting the booking form and the required documents 


Final Remarks!

Prime Valley is a new housing society in Islamabad that aims to provide the greatest living experience to all residents and investors. The developers hope to give all inhabitants a high-quality lifestyle at an accessible price. The location is adjacent to important sites that will improve future residents’ living conditions. The housing society will grow with the government’s housing program. Property prices are affordable, and investors can readily invest based on their financial situation.


Prime Valley Features

This project is developed and planned to include a variety of key elements, which are outlined below.The Prime Valley Features accessible here are the most appealing part, here are some of the available features:

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