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Pakistan Real Estate Forecast in 2022 The Passban Group

Real Estate Forecast in Pakistan

The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan. Many Pakistani citizens and overseas Pakistanis’ are investing in the real estate sector making it the more successful sector of the country at the moment. Real Estate Investment in 2022 in Pakistan is being more encouraged than any other sector due to the profits and benefits.

Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022 – All You Need to Know

But choosing the right real estate property is also important to make your investment successful. Different factors such as the property’s location, purpose of investment (residential or commercial), and the most important factor, your budget to invest in the property should be evaluated before the actual investment. This can save the investors from a lot of hassles after investing in the wrong project or investing the wrong amount.

Investment opportunities in Different Pakistani Cities:

The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan. Different cities in Pakistan have different investment potential and different return on investment. So evaluating every option is better before making an investment decision. Below are the investment potential of different Pakistani Cities:

Real Estate Lahore:

Lahore, the city of gardens, is the second biggest city in Pakistan in Pakistan. Lahore real estate has many opportunities to choose from. Lahore real estate investment in 2022 is going to be quite profitable as many multi-purpose/high-rise projects are launched in Lahore, where you can invest in commercial shops, offices, penthouses and apartments etc. Lahore also has a number of societies like Bahria Town, Bahria Orchard, DHA, Al Noor Orchard, Al Kabir Town and many similar societies where the commercial and residential sectors are separate and independent so that residents can live in a serene and peaceful environment.

Due to the increasing population of Lahore, the residential space is also decreasing and the trend of apartments and penthouses in a high rise building is resurfacing. The apartments are less expensive than the residential plots or houses and are being preferred more for than the last 3 years. People want a luxurious but affordable place of residence and apartments can fulfill their needs and wants.

For example, in societies like Bahria Town Lahore or DHA Lahore, investing in a plot or house is more expensive than the apartments. A well-developed house of 5 or 10 Marla in a good area will be around 2 to 3 Crore depending upon the materials used and their quality. But the two-bed or three-bedroom apartments in the same area will cost you much less. There are many different options of apartments in Bahria Town Lahore with on gong booking such as AR 14, ABS Mall and Residency, Pearl One Tower etc.

So, by investing in apartments here, investors not only will have a residential space but also much of their saving left with them and they will be closer to the work too, due to the building being a multipurpose and high-rise project.

Lahore has a new but ongoing trend of establishing hotels, cafes, and restaurants based on a special theme like vintage, boho, contemporary etc. which gives the customers a cozy feeling. To make your customers delighted, the rental buildings for these projects need to be altered to some extent. To avoid this, people are buying and investing in their own places to continue their business. So we can see Lahore has a positive opportunities for real estate investment in 2022.

Real Estate Karachi:

The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan.Karachi, the city of lights, is the major city of Pakistan and is known for its different investment opportunities and big real estate projects. Karachi has one of the great and better societies and areas that investors can consider for real estate investment in Pakistan. These societies have both residential and commercial sectors in which one can find residential and commercial plots, shops, apartments, villas, homes etc. for different types of investment.

Karachi’s main real estate market revolves around Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi. These two societies are the two mega projects featuring many attractive and profitable properties for investment purposes. There is no restriction of the nationality to invest in these two societies. In fact, the management of these societies encourages overseas Pakistani’s to invest in here.

These societies have the best properties for sale in both the residential and commercial categories. These societies also have multipurpose projects like apartments, commercial shops, offices in one project. The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan.

The high-rise projects of both Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi’s bookings are starting from 2 Lac and increase with the nature of the project, location, area cover etc. In short, we can say that investing in Karachi’s real estate can bring high returns and have huge potential and has a positive opportunities for real estate investment in 2022.

Real Estate Islamabad/ Rawalpindi:

The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan. The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad and its twin Rawalpindi are other great cities for investment where investors get high returns on their investments. Residents also are greatly influenced by the beauty and serenity of the city along with high ROI and rental income for their investments. The main residential societies that offer good return on your investment in twin cities are also Bahria Town Islamabad and DHA Islamabad. Other than these societies are:

  • Gulberg Greens Housing Scheme
  • Capital Smart City
  • Park View City
  • Blue World City
  • Silver City Housing Scheme
  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Islamabad/ Rawalpindi are being given the facility of Ring road due to which the far away projects like Bahria Town, which were neglected at first will be easily accessible for the residents. Ring Road can easily connect Bahria Town with the city centers in just 20-25 minutes’ drive.

DHA and Bahia Town are the considered the most luxurious but on affordable side for not just having residence but also for commercial investment too.

Real Estate Gwadar:

Gwadar, which is going to be the investment hub in the future for Pakistan due to the Ports here, has a wide range of real estate investment opportunities. Many residential societies are being launched in this city after the announcement of CPEC for the last 4-5 years. People who can see the potential of investing here helping in increasing the returns also. The master plan of Gwadar is also finalized and approved. These housing projects have several properties for sale, mostly available in installments.

The CPEC’s Chinese staff’s residence in Gwadar is also increasing the investment here. The city is having a great potential for investment in the long run. Apart from this, one of the beautiful beaches of the world can be found here. Investors who want immediate returns should not invest here as the city is not developed completely. Only long-term investors should prefer Gwadar for investment.

Real Estate Multan: 

Multan, the city of saints, is also seeing increase in real estate investment in 2022. Many residential sector societies are being launched in Multan and are being sold out. DHA Multan, Buch Villas, Wapda Town, Model Town, Citi Housing etc. are best places to invest in Multan for both residential and commercial investments.

People are investing more and more here due to its great returns and better residential opportunities offered by these societies.

Real Estate Gujranwala:

Gujranwala is now becoming one of the top cities of Pakistan with great options of real estate investment in 2022. ARY Laguna is going to be developed in DHA Gujranwala which itself is offering many investment opportunities for investment in both commercial and residential sector.

We can see that there are many great real estate sector opportunities in Pakistan for real estate investment in 2022 that can offer huge returns and large profits. Investing in this sector is also beneficial due to the lowered taxes by the government in this year.

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Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2021

Pakistan Real Estate is coming to light very quickly after the recent economic conditions due to Covid-19 and Locusts attack in 2020 in Pakistan were quite intense

All you Need to Know, Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2021, Usually Pakistani people like to invest in the real estate market after saving up a little bit. But after the economic conditions of the last year, the buying power of the consumers has decreased a lot as people used up their savings in the pandemic due to loss of employment.



Real Estate Pakistan

You must read about Real Estate Forecast in Pakistan 2021 before invest in real estate sector of Pakistan.

  • Real Estate Lahore
  • Islamabad Real Estate
  • Karachi Real Estate
  • Gwadar Real Estate

Pakistan Real Estate Market

Due to the less demand of the real estate properties, people have quit investing in this market and due to that the prices also decreased. Many people sold their houses or other types of properties at lower prices than normal to avail the cash on hand as emergency funds.



Pakistan’s Real Estate Trends, Prospects, Forecast and Challenges in 2021

Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Due to less demand and decrease in the prices, it is a wonderful opportunity for people with savings to invest more in this market. The consumers with savings are investing more and more at low rates to gain profit in the future at high rates. Due to this investment Pakistan Real Estate Markets seems to be doing well.

Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

The Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2021 seems to be going well as many other investment opportunities are being neglected due to their volatile nature.



List of Cities of Pakistan regarding Real Estate Forecast 2021:

  • Lahore Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Karachi Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Islamabad Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Rawalpindi Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Multan Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Faisalabad Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Sialkot Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Gujranwala Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Gujrat Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Peshawar Real Estate Forecast 2021
  • Quetta Real Estate Forecast 2021

Best Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

The Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2021 tells that it is going to be a year of boom for the real estate market due to many reasons. The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan.  Some of the reasons that make real estate a desirable place to invest are discussed below:

  • Unstable Prices of Gold:

Many people like to invest in Gold as it serves many purposes. But recently, Gold is facing a very unstable market. Its prices can rise up to $2000 per ounce to start drifting downwards very soon. This trend has chased away many investors as they think it is not the time for a secure and safe investment in gold. Their investment in turn is going into the real estate growth in Pakistan.

  • Stock Markets:

If you don’t have enough information about the shares, how to trade, or what the stock market as a whole, then it is suggested not to invest in the stock market. The market is very volatile and needs decisions in a few seconds whether to sell or buy more shares. This is not a secure and safe investment for many investors who are not willing to take excessive risks.

Due to this reason, many people have sold their shares to invest in the real estate market of Pakistan.



Daily Updated Bahria Town Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Lahore

Huge Reduction in Property Tax for 2021

The government of Pakistan has lowered the interest rate and announced incentives for the investors and businessmen to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic. It’s a relief package for the construction industry with the twofold aim of providing employment to daily wage earners, and spurring economic activity.



The package also includes additional incentives for builders and developers to build low-cost housing for the poor under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. The tax rate will be fixed for the construction and the withholding tax will be waived off.

Daily Updated Bahria EMC Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria EMC Lahore

We can understand this fact by learning that cement dispatches in the first half of the 2021 financial year were 29M tons, up by 16% year-on-year from 25M tons in the first half of the 2020 financial year.

Real Estate Market for the Economy of Pakistan:

The real estate market of Pakistan supports the economy of Pakistan to a large extent. Not only Pakistani investors see the potential in this market but the foreign investors are also fascinated and want to invest here.



One of the many main reasons for investment of foreign investors in Pakistani real estate is the stability in the social conditions of Pakistan and the safe environment. This was not the case a decade ago as the environment became very dangerous and people feared the unstable and volatile nature of political and economic environments.

Daily Updated Bahria Town Karachi Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Karachi

Influence of CPEC on Pakistan’s Real Estate Market and Pakistan’s Economy:

From the start of CPEC, the economic conditions of Pakistan have started to become better. CPEC has turned out to be a pioneer of transformational change in Pakistan’s economy. It has transformed the real estate industry too since it has connected Gwadar seaport to Kashgar located in China. This one link will serve as a trade route for both bordering countries.

Impact of CPEC on Pakistan Real Estate Sector’s Future

Owing to the enormous success of CPEC, Pakistan’s real estate market has definitely grasped the attention of investors, keen to look for an investment opportunity from all over the world. The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan. Due to this trend, there has been a notable rise in real estate projects and the prices are also increasing.

  • Economic Growth

Economic growth is crucial in the real estate business. Economic growth is associated with the increasing prices of real estate. Due to CPEC, job opportunities will increase, and thus, the need for people buying or renting places near Gwadar will also increase. This will boost the real estate business.

  • Chinese Immigration

CPEC is a joint economic venture between China and Pakistan, and therefore, many engineers are required from both the countries in order that they can be deployed in Gwadar to complete the project.

Accommodating engineers and other workers require the establishment of several small cities, towns, and mini-projects along the belt. This is great news for the real estate market.

The land of Gwadar can be used to build multiple housing societies with all the amenities. The Chinese entrance has greatly influenced rental returns in major cities and it is undeniably true that with time, this influx will increase.

Daily Updated Bahria Nasheman Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Nasheman Lahore

The impact of Chinese immigrants can be seen in many societies of Pakistan. Blue world city is a housing society built in collaboration with Chinese engineers and architects who have designed the houses and apartments so that people can experience luxury and a lavish lifestyle.

Infrastructure Development

When the trade route is going to be completely established between Pakistan and China, then the requirement for proper road infrastructure also will arise.The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan. Road infrastructure increases the value of places that are around it. This will in turn influence the real estate market because the prices of homes, plots, and even rental apartments will increase.



Most societies are located on the outskirts of the major cities like Bahria Town in LahoreBahria Town Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, DHA etc. which can easily be connected to the CPEC. The CPEC has a great hand in raising the prices of properties in these. The plot of 1 kanal of PKR 1,000,000 can be easily converted into PKR 5,000,000 after being part of these societies.

Daily Updated Bahria Orchard Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Orchard Lahore

It is contemplated that within the next twenty years, the population of Gwadar will rise to more than three million. So, in this respect, CPEC will become a necessity to cater to all the wants of the increased population. Gwadar City will be established in a gated community that will provide residential, commercial, entertainment, cultural, and educational environments under one roof. It should be noted that more than 50% of the area is set aside for open spaces.

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Owing to the increase in the development in Gwadar, many schools, shopping malls, and hospitals are assumed to be built in the city. More than 1500 homes are going to be built across a locality of 3.5 million sq. ft. Moreover, with many immigrants arriving at Gwadar port, the worth of land will rise. This will, in turn, promote the real estate market.

Related Q/A:

Are Property Prices Going up in Pakistan?

In Pakistan’s major cities: In Lahore, the average house price was PKR 10,402 (US$ 73) per sq. ft in Q1 2019, up 6.25% from a year earlier, but actually down 2.89% when adjusted for inflation.

Is it a Good Time to Buy Property in Pakistan?

Pakistan Real Estate is a great chance for most Pakistanis to invest, particularly when they have enough savings and want money. Yet such saving is long-term, and those who do not sell their property are still waiting for a price spike.


Islamabad is the safest city for real estate investment in Pakistan. It is one of the most delightful and appealing capitals of the world. Islamabad has numerous investment opportunities expansion of Islamabad Expressway and Rawalpindi Ring Road. New industrial zones, housing societies, and education cities along the 38-kilometer long Ring Road are to be established. Similarly, the expansion of the signal-free expressway will bring economic worth to several housing projects. Both ventures will eventually improve the logistic efficiency between the twin cities. The top three areas to invest in are:

  • Defense DHA
  • Gulberg, Islamabad
  • Bahria Town, Islamabad

The Passban Group is only one trustable investor in real estate pakistan. Lahore has been the focus of investors, developers, and brokers for the last two decades. Real estate development in Lahore is non-stop. Many new reforms and policies have spiked the financial situation in this region. Bahria Town, DHA, Model Town, Johar Town, and Gulberg are a few regions that offer high returns but the best areas for real estate investment in Lahore are:

  • DHA Defence
  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Raiwind Road

Karachi is the largest metropolitan city in Pakistan. The new administration has made the city safer for the residents. Karachi is the main trade hub of Pakistan and has a lot of opportunities for investors. A host of new projects are inaugurated and launched over the past year but the best communities for real estate investment in Karachi are:

  • Defense DHA
  • Gulistan-e-Jauhar
  • Scheme 33

Is Real Estate a Good Career in Pakistan?

In the last two decades, the real estate market in Pakistan has observed some massive growth and the stakeholders have seen an increase in their wealth as well. Not to forget the real estate agents have also earned quite a handsome amount of money and made a fortune for them.


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